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welcome friends

meet an artist living with pain and sorrow while suffering the greatest loss of her family to suicide and heart attack and how she overcame and manages to thrive through the healing and sustaining powers of the arts and love....

art is my confidant, my inspiration, my Fire. 

when I'm working on a song, poem or painting, sing or dance to an exotic tune, I am alone.  I get in touch with my own destiny.  Like entering a dream state with a disbelief that state has validity.  But in those moments of creation lies my true reality. And in those moments, I forget my fears, my past, and the future.  With this, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey intertwining multiple art forms with rekindled passion, creativity, fun and resolute determination punctuated by victories that surfaced despite immense adversities where darkness surrenders to the infinite potential of our human spirit.


Brooke Harris ~ Art Collector, Philanthropist, Socialite

Brentwood, California

"The moment I saw Laela's painting 'Powerful Transformation' amid her solo show during a Harvest Moon event in Santa Monica, I wanted it.  It inspired me and made me feel powerful."
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