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my  journey, is yours too

Artists are truly present in the moment with the ultimate aim of healing the planet thus thy self.


my ancestors  come from Scotland, France, Southeast Asia and Brazil.  I live in the lively city of Los Angeles and historic Santa Barbara California.  In most recent years, I discovered my increasing fascination to almost everything around me.  The challenge, catching up with all of them making it infinitely tangible for all to en-joy... i hope you join me further. 


i am what i create

... sweet and sultry, cerebral yet emotional, and more.  I have high sensitivity and empathy to people from which can be viewed as weakness.  But as I continue to evolve I come to realize that it is actually a strength.  Of course I have been burned before when I allowed myself to get too close to the flame.  I even wished I would be numb.  But then I would rather risk that than to numb myself completely of others' emotional landscapes.  Everyday I choose to hold the fire close to me keeping me warm with the risk of getting burned again to continue feeling deeply, first for myself, channelling internal and external inspirations towards creation, then for others and the world around me maintaining the stregth to truly care.   


beginnings with no end

my fascination and inspiration began in the most rough of times in childhood when my Father gifted me a photo book of the Renaissance on my 12th birthday.  To this day, I revel in the likes of "The Birth Of Venus" by Botticelli, am intrigued by Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights", and in absolute awe of Gustave Moreau's "Salome Dancing Before Herod", to name a few.  They soothe me through rough moments bringing me to distant lands while expanding my imagination.

i wish art can have the same healing effect on everyone and lift them in such a way making them feel enlightened and free from pain. 

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