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here's to you Dad

grew up shy and soft-spoken (still is) thus singing was never an endeavor.  I wouldn't dare!  I wanted to become a psychologist or a neuroscientist.  After serving in the military, my Father focused on his music.  He was an autodidact multi-instrumentalist, composer and a singer with a golden voice.  His love of music exposed my little self wearing a china doll hair style to soft rock, soul and folk music.  He attempted to groom me to sing and play the guitar to no avail.  My shyness and strong will prevailed I'm afraid. 


the discovery

I did not allow the lack of formal musical education hold me back from my newfound artistic pursuit.  I summoned the powers of discipline, optimism & passion.  It was never easy but I was unstoppable.  Consequently, I struck good fortune by landing a recording deal with a major label, Sony BMG Music.  


duncan love lounge cd cover.jpg

broadening of horizons

as I continue to evolve in music, the honor of working alongside Sony BMG Music brought me to perform in exotic lands from Thailand to Hong Kong, Jakarta, the Philippines, to Guam, and after parting with them, I ventured off to the House of Blues and Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles California.

duncan and Tor+.jpg

the legend

as my deep sultry vocals develop, I was recruited to open for John Legend in 2008 during his album launch "Unplugged", and performed alongside Thailand's favorite new artist at the time, Tor+.  He was fascinating and a gentleman.  Followed by my guest performance with the Vienna Operetta Orchestra, the Ambassador of Austria, Imelda Marcos among others.  Moreso, I was a finalist in a Radio Music Awards, nominated as Best New Artist, held a #1 single “Breakout” on an international FM radio station in Southeast Asia competed amongst the likes of Mariah Carey and Chris Brown.

once an artiste always an artiste

after years of hiatus, shortly after my return in Spring 2023 I was invited to perform in the World Art Day Celebration by Artist for a Better World in Hollywood California and was accompanied by an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and former Music Ambassador to the United Nations, Crispin Barrymore.



today, i continue to share my love of music and other art forms and contribute to community and hopefully the world.  come join me


duncan and legend mo flier.jpg

a legacy     music had no meaning to me during those rough formative years in my life The thought of speaking to an audience terrefies me.  Let alone sing!  A decade after my father's demise followed by my granmother's passing from "heart-break" nine months later, was when the meaning of music truly came to me... perhaps a sense of obligation, a purpose, a Legacy waiting to be realized. 

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